Technology Services

6.1 Technology Services Overview

Last Edited: 11/08/2016

The Technology Services department is committed to providing the highest quality technology tools and support that serve the academic and administrative needs of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The department offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT services such as networking, VOIP, training, web application development and support, e-medical records, virtualization, SharePoint, and an array of other technological services.

The department offers top-quality resources and services to all members of the college community with an aim to facilitate teaching, learning, research, administrative activities, and to further the college's mission. If you have any questions, contact the Help Desk at x4600. 

Email Services

The Microsoft Exchange server offers comprehensive email and calendaring services to faculty and staff.

Login instructions

Attention New/Returning Students: Login into MySite BEFORE you access your student e-mail Student Technical Support

Faculty Technical Support

Mobile Devices

Purchasing a mobile device such as an IPhone or Tablet requires settings to configure with your exchange account. All mobile devices have an instruction manual for you to read to fully understand your device.

Older Blackberries often require you to add active sync or the Enterprise Manager Business feature to your mobile account and there is an additional charge for that.

Below are some guidelines to provide you with assistance in setting up your device.  If you require further assistance please submit a work order or call the Help Desk at x 4600

Exchange Phone Setup Staff

Staff Email Connection has a Standard Server and Domain Name

Android Phone Sprint Blackberry setup ATT Blackberry Internet Email

Ipad setup Iphone setup

Server Name: Domain Name: Saddleback

Student Email Connection Office 365

Server name: Saddleback Mobile For Students

Supporting documentation for other devices (link is external)

Please read your device manual and contact your mobile service provider

Make sure ssl is enabled or ON

Troubleshooting-i phone calendar

Calendar not appearing -- Please ensure that you select your Saddleback College Calendar and not On My iPhone Calendar. Microsoft Guide(link is external) Trouble shooting unsynchronized calendar items.

Password Assistance


When you become a student at Saddleback College, the application process gives you a student id. During the application process you are asked to select a 4 digit PIN. Please make sure you write that down. For some people, this could be the last 4 digits of their social security number. Others may choose their birthday (month and year). Either way, you must remember it. If you have forgotten it, go to Admissions and Records with a photo ID and they can look it up for you.

When you apply, you have the option of selecting a preferred email account over your Saddleback Account.   Further information regarding Student Technical Support can be found at the Student Technical Support page Instructions can be found by clicking here


Once you are hired, the default password is your last 4 digits of your social security number followed by 2 zeros. You can change your password by logging onto a computer and holding the CTL ALT DEL keys and then click change a password. This will reset your Network logon password.  Employees can contact Technology Services for password resets. Dial 4600

Email accounts are automatically set up for full-time employees. Part-time employees will need to do a work order to have an Exchange Account set up for them.

Student Assistance


Wireless Connections on Campus

Campus wireless services have been upgraded and listed below are some references to configure your device.

The instructions are the same for connecting a staff device.  The only difference is the wireless network you select.

Student Wireless Access

Students currently enrolled at Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College may access the wireless network. If you have a wireless-enabled computer or mobile device, you can access the Internet from most locations on campus. Note for students in online classes: not all course material (videos, exams, quizzes, etc) will work on a mobile device.

You will be asked to provide a username and password on the network authentication page.  Your username and password for the on campus wireless is the same as you use to get into your Saddleback College email and Blackboard (see below).  If you need help with your username or password, or want to change your password, please see the above tab, "Help with Your Username or Password/PIN".

Wireless access for Students

* Ensure that you are connecting to the "Student" wireless network

* Username= Saddleback email address. or

* Password= the same password you use to login to your computer on campus

Faculty and Staff Wireless Access

Ensure that you are connecting to the "Staff" wireless 


Faculty / Staff Computer Purchases

Dell Personal Computers for Faculty & Staff!(link is external) - Order personal computers at educational prices. Note - you will need to setup your profile the first time you go to the site.

Software Discounts  FCCC-Microsoft Campus Agreement for Faculty and Staff Home Use (link is external) Saddleback College is a member of the California Community Colleges Microsoft Campus Agreement. This agreement allows all full and part time faculty and staff to purchase seven selected Microsoft packages at discounts up to 97% from retail. Please look at the FAQs page for eligibility and other information

6.2 Audio Visual

Last Edited: 09/26/2016

Audio Visual Support

Please know that all classroom computers can be replaced at any time and all files stored on it will be lost.

if you need any assistance, please call the Audio Visual Department at 4520 or make a work order for equipment issues.

The main function of the AV Department is to provide media support for instructional classrooms, including all of our off-site locations.

Please Do:

  • * Give us at least 24 hours notice before your class begins for AV orders, 48 hours for off-site locations. * Use our Online AV Order Form to request any equipment.
  • * Call us if you need instruction on using any of our equipment.

Please Don't:

  • * Don't move any audio visual equipment from any locations.
  • * Don't leave your audio visual request on our voicemail. (Use the Online AV Order Form.)
  • * Don't send your audio visual request via email. (Use the Online AV Order Form.)

Help and Support Documents

  • Online AV Order Form
  • AV Equipment Instructions

6.3 Data Network Administration

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

Network Administration Core Competencies 

  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Security
  • Network Switches
  • Network Access Control
  • Tracking of Logs
  • System Monitoring
  • Wireless Network
  • Network Access Control
  • Tracking of Logs
  • System Monitoring
  • DNS

Our Technology Department designs, installs, manages, and maintains a robust network infrastructure. We offer wired access with data transfer rates ranging from 10 Mbps through 20 Gbps. Our infrastructure ensures that you can easily connect systems to the campus network and gain access to network based services, the Internet, and research and education networks. Custom network designs are available to meet any requirements while ensuring interoperability with other parts of the network.

Wired Infrastructure Saddleback College maintains an extensive computing and communications network throughout the campus. This infrastructure includes network outlets, wiring, the campus core network, data center networks, and dedicated access to various external networks, such as the Internet and Internet2. We design and install all network infrastructure associated with renovations and new construction, including network jacks, copper and fiber cabling, switch infrastructure, and connections to the network backbone. Through this network, members of the community can directly access network-based resources using wired jacks supporting various data rates.

Wireless Network Saddleback maintains an extensive wireless network throughout the campus. We design and install all wireless infrastructure, ensuring members of our community secure and easy access to the network at data rates up to 200 Mbps. New wireless networks have been deployed in all classrooms, dining facilities, etc.

DNS Domain Name Service (DNS) allows online resources to be accessed via commonly used names, such as Most computers on campus, including those using DHCP, are automatically configured to use the

campus DNS and are provided names. Clients running servers or providing online services may request a specific hostname for their system along with a static address. We also manage the registration, setup, and renewal process for domains outside of, such as those ending with .com and .org.

6.4 Desktop Computers

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Faculty, Staff and Administrative Computers

This is the deployment, maintenance, and service of the campus end user desktops.  This includes creating and updating windows installation for desktops as well as hardware support for the faculty and staff.

  • Student Computer Labs and Classrooms (same as Instructional Computer Labs)

Similar to the employee desktops, this involves the Instructional Labs, including diverse platforms such as zero clients, laptops, tablets, and student lab check-in kiosks.  These labs carry the additional challenge of varied software, as each curriculum has its own particular unique needs and challenges.  

  • Open Access/General Use Computers

Various parts of the campus have open labs for students or faculty that require maintenance to keep pace with their office or classroom counterparts.  We are also called upon to install computers that manage specialized equipment on campus, such as the gas pumps at transportation or the electronic signage found in various locations.

  • Equipment Procurement

This is the acquisition of new equipment to meet the needs of the college.  This includes the creation and adherence to enterprise environment standards as well as standardized equipment for the college.  This entails researching the needs of the end user and contacting a vendor with a request. Once a recommendation is made, equipment is vetted by the Tech Services staff to ensure it meets the enterprise requirements of our college.

  • Hardware Rollouts

This is the large scale refreshing of equipment on campus, which applies to all of the areas listed earlier.  This is a labor intensive operation and is staggered into four separate upgrade cycles corresponding to the warranty limitations of our hardware, in order to keep all equipment in full service.  This entails over 2000 desktop platforms and over 600 mobile platforms that are divided among the four cycles, with roughly a quarter being refreshed each calendar year.  It is the most labor and logistically involved parts of our duties, often involving the entire department and consulting with all campus divisions as part of the preparation.

6.5 Telephones

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Adds, Moves, and Changes

Saddleback Technology Services installs phones and fax lines for new college employees, student workers and classrooms, relocates existing phones, and manages name changes and phone line and speed dial changes.

  • Phone Queues & Call Handlers/Phone Trees

Saddleback IT manages phone queues by maintaining closure and office scheduling, agent access and reporting permissions, and web interface updates. 

Call Handler schedules and access are also maintained by the department for offices that don't need advanced queuing and scripting ability

  • Voicemail

The Saddleback IT department maintains voicemail accounts and email forwarding (Unified Messaging) for employees and special use voice mailboxes, resets access PINS and assists with the changing of greetings and recorded names.

  • Analog Emergency and Fax Lines

Technology Services manages the installation and maintenance of emergency call boxes, phones, elevator and lines over the legacy copper wiring. These lines maintain the ability to place calls even when the District phone system loses power making them essential for emergency communication.  Saddleback IT also installs, relocates and maintains copper lines for fax services.

6.6 Data Storage

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • College Data Storage

Technology Services provides centralized data storage for Instructional and Administrative purposes.  Personal and departmental storage is offered for secure,  convenient and highly available access from on and off campus.

  • Storage Area Network Management

Technology Services uses the latest in storage area network technology to provide a centralized storage service for Saddleback's Instructional and Administrative departments.  Offsite storage replication is integrated for disaster recovery purposes.    

  • Data Backup

All campus centralized storage is securely backed up on and offsite giving Technology Services the ability to quickly recover user data as well as campus technology infrastructure.  

6.7 Server Administration

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Instructional Servers
  • Administrative Servers

6.8 Web Administration

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Manage College Web Servers

We have provided web hosting services for the Saddleback community for over twenty years. We continue to offer an array of services to meet the web hosting and publishing needs of our faculty, staff members including academic division/departments, administrative units, team collaborative projects, campus events, and even student groups.

Websites are hosted inside our secure data centers without paying for external hosting services. We provide a high-performance, scalable, and secure solution for publishing your websites, private and public documents. A collection of themes is offered with the Drupal based content management system even Harvard utilizes in-house. Drupal makes it quick and easy for you to create and maintain your own website content, shared documents including student work. It is all web based, so there’s no software to purchase and install. All services feature 24×7 monitoring, data redundancy, and backup services. There is no charge for web hosting services.

  • Design and Update College Web Site

Custom website development and migration services are also available upon request.

  • Web Applications

We develop custom web applications to meet college needs when an appropriate vendor or Open Source solution is not available. Web applications are centrally managed and allow access to information over the World-wide Web. We build web applications to your specification.

6.9 College SharePoint Services

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Manage College SharePoint Servers

SharePoint sites are hosted inside our secure data center without paying for external hosting services. We provide a high-performance, scalable, and secure solution for collaborating and publishing privately shared "Microsoft Office" documents, digital media, software packages, image libraries and campus-wide social collaboration. All services feature 24×7 monitoring, data redundancy, and backup services. There is no charge for on premises hosting services including personal user profiles.

  • SC Cloud-Services

We provide on premises cloud synchronization technology that supports faculty, staff and Administration where the college community accesses their personal/department documents from on and off campus. 

6.10 Audio Visual Services

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Saddleback Audio and Visual Services offers professional presentation support, computer display, sound reinforcement, services, video conference services, and audio/visual equipment setup and operation.
  • Board Room Equipment Operation & Support
  • Classroom Media Support
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Installation
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Outdoor Media Systems
  • System Maintenance
  • System Operation
  • Media Services
  • Video Format Alteration and Duplication.
  • Research New Technologies To Implement Into The Classroom. 
  • Limited Inventory Of Equipment For Checkout By Faculty and Administrators
  • Expert Council For College Departments To Purchase And Or Install AV   
  • Equipment.
  • Attend Technology Committees And Meetings To Ensure Proper AV Engineering  Standards And Specifications Are Provided To All College New Build and Renovation Projects.
  • Maintain A Current Inventory Of Needed Replacement Equipment And               
  • Parts For College AV.
  • Design and Update Uniform Easy To Recognize AV Equipment and Software  Standards For Uniform Ease Of Usage By All Users.
  • Be Available for Live AV and Computer Related Assistance At The ITC 
  • Phone Helpdesk.
  • Preform AV Purchases and Services from multiple Vendors and or Integrators 
  • Produce RFQ's and RFP's with Vigilant Progress Monitoring.
  • Align District AV- Computer Services with College Services. (HS145 &    Conference Rooms)
  • Provide Assistance with BYOD Interfaces And Issues To Students, College Staff, Faculty And Administrators.
  • Provide Guest "Code Of The Day" For Guest and Pre-Student Network Access.
  • Update and Replace College Wide AV Equipment At Regular Intervals.
  • Assist Network Technicians With Low Level Computer, Printer and Software    Issues As Needed.

6.11 PoE IP-Based Camera

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Configure, Maintain, and Support Cameras and Servers Providing proper video surveillance over an entire campus community
  • Integrate Cameras with Alarm & video analytics

6.12 Application Support and Staff Training

Last Edited: 10/06/2016
  • Support and Train, Assess
  • Provide Training in all Microsoft Office applications, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Mail Merges, Adobe Form creation and Google Docs surveys. 
  • Train Classified Staff in Content Editing and college branding 
  • Create training materials and videos as necessary for a variety of applications, such as ccc confer, zoom, Sharepoint, Image Now Scanning, LiveScribe, Student Printing, Gaucho Drive and Remote Access.
  • Maintain Room Resources on the campus and assign rights as requested
  • Create department documentation on unique installs and solutions and such as Point and Click, Symplicity,Scheduling assistant, Par Score, Instructional Management System, Inform and Scantron.
  •  Assess work order requests with respect to compliance with Board Policies and Administrative regulations pertaining to Data Classification, Access Control, and refer to the appropriate Data Owner or administrator for user access approval prior to proceeding to facilitate rights. Communicate to users Board Policies on Electronic Communication. 
  • Assist in deployment of Software 
  • One on one Training for any complex task 
  • Present Newer Technology to staff during Flex week       

6.13 Application Development

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Develop and Maintain In-House Applications

Saddleback IT works with faculty, staff, and other departments to help develop and maintain custom applications that seek to improve the efficiency of internal processes, help student outcomes, and to maintain Saddleback College’s reputation as a high tech education hub.

6.14 Printing Management

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

  • Maintain and Support All Printers
  • Support All Printing Management Services

Technology Services provides print services for all Instructional and Administrative users.  Saddleback College now provides the latest in student printing technology with district-wide unified printing.  Students can send print jobs from any computer, tablet or mobile device and release them at one of many printers located at Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College. 

6.15 Other Services Provided

Last Edited: 10/06/2016

Electronic Medical Records

  • Support and Maintain System

PoE Access-Control System 

  • Maintain all the Servers and AD Integration
  • Support all Door POE Access-Control System
  • Support Integration into Camera System

Network Infrastructure and Data Cabling

Saddleback Technology Services provides these services for our campus network following current EIA/TIA standards:

  • Coordinates new network cable installs using Cat 6 cable for computers and Wi-Fi
  • Terminate, test and identify cables to ensure they meet standards
  • Moves adds or changes of network infrastructure equipment
  • Monitor and maintain UPS backup equipment to ensure campus services are available during a power outage

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Nutanix Management
  • VDI Monitoring
  • View Infrastructure Monitoring
  • View Security
  • Application Virtualization
  • Desktop Images and Pool Management