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Grant Application Process

Grant Application Process

Faculty, administrators, staff, or the Office of Grants and Contracts may initiate interest in pursuing a grant. The individual responsible for carrying out grant activities described in the grant application is the Project Director.  The Project Director, in conjunction with the Grant Analyst, will prepare the grant application.  The Project Director is responsible for the work involved with developing and implementing the grant, compliance with the granting agency’s terms and conditions, required reporting, grant outcomes, and other required elements.

Once a preliminary decision has been made to apply for a grant, the Project Director will contact the Manager of Grant and Contracts who will assign a Grant Analyst. Once assigned, the Grant Analyst will discuss the process of obtaining institutional support and approval – the first step of which is completion of the “Grants Request form”. The Dean or assigned Project Director is responsible for completing the grant request form (in-house document). The grant request form is the official document that will trigger the grant application process. This process will provide the appropriate notifications and approvals of all Deans and offices that may be impacted by the pending grant application. The Project Director or Dean can work with the Grants Analyst to complete the form. While the Grant Analyst can answer questions related to the overall grant project, the Project Director or Dean must provide specific information as it relates to grant alignment. 

Once the Project Director or Dean completes the grant request form the assigned Grants Analyst will obtain necessary signatures.  The grant request form must be reviewed, approved and signed by the Project Director’s Dean, Vice President of Instruction (if grant involves faculty and/or curriculum), the Vice President of Student Services (if grant involves student services), and Vice President of Administrative Services (required for all grants). 

The Grant Analyst will create a time-line for the development of the grant package, application editing and review and submission. Once the grant application and attached documents have been proofread for correctness and completeness the grants office will coordinate with District services at least five days before the due date to obtain signed approvals of the budget, application, and related attachments.   Lacking adequate time for appropriate review, except in extenuating circumstances, grant proposals may not be submitted.  Grants office staff requires sufficient time to conduct a final review of the completed proposal to ensure that it complies with all standard SOCCCD regulations, policies and procedures.  It is the responsibility of the Project Director toensure that the proposal meets the formatting requirements specified in the program announcement.  

Once the budget and application package have been reviewed, approved and signed District Accounting will forward the completed application package to your college Grants Office. The College Grants Office will submit the proposal.

**If a proposal is not officially approved by the College AND the SOCCCD as indicated by receipt of all required signatures the award may not be accepted.  Required Signatures:  District Chief Business Office, District Vice President of Information Technology and in some instances, the District Chief Executive Office