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Grant Terminology and Roles

Award – Workday terminology which identifies a contractual relationship between college and funder which commits college to perform certain services and receive reimbursement for costs incurred.  

Award Contract Reviewer - Person identified in award set-up in Workday who has authority to view Award activities in Workday.

Grant – Commonly referred to as the “bucket of money” in the Workday system relating to awards. In the Workday system the grant is the primary cost organization for accounting in Grants Management. Used as a worktag in Workday. The grant captures the basic information needed to process grant activities including information used to manage and report on the grant. A grant may be linked to one and only one award. Finally, use of the grant supports related worktags. The grant is also used to detail information regarding roles and responsibilities. For example, you can identify and assign roles for your principal investigators or researchers, grant managers and financial staff. This allows you to define security, execute auto-routing, and individualize reporting.

Grants Analyst – College staff assigned to oversee the administrative and regulatory process of a grant award. Liaison between college and district. 

Grant Hierarchy - 

Grant Reviewer – Workday role having authority to approve spend and other processes in the system.

Principal Investigator - A common point person for an award recipient. A faculty member or academic is often the principal investigator at a university or college. The PI is responsible for the direction and success of any research, scholarship, education or training supported by the award. The PI is also responsible for ensuring the funded program is carried out in compliance with university policy, governing laws and regulations, and sponsor requirements.

Principal Investigators must:

1) Be set up in Workday to receive notices about end of month/quarter/year end milestones for a program – please ensure this is set up for each PI and program

2) Each quarter must print and sign quarterly listing of expenditures to approve/attest to their validity.  They will run the “All Award Spend Summary for Grants” report. This information (report with signature of PI) should be kept in the official file for the program by the campus Grant Office.  Scan the signed report from the Principal Investigator and attach it to the applicable Award in Workday!  

Responsible Grant Official – Workday role which holds over-all fiscal responsibility for approving expenditure of grant funds in the Workday accounting system. Typically this person is a dean or higher level college executive.

Senior Accounting Specialist –