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Saddleback Campus Contracts

Cafeteria Services

The Saddleback College Cafeteria is operated by S&B Foods.  The on-site manager of the cafeteria at Saddleback College is James Gau, who can be reached on campus at ext. 4659.  The email address for the cafeteria is  Current ASG cardholders receive a 10% discount.  


Refreshments and meals must comply with Board Policy 3520, “Refreshments and Meals at District Functions.”  As per the SOCCCD/Saddleback College agreement with S&B Foods, S&B Foods must be given first priority for College-sponsored functions.  Contact the cafeteria directly for menu options and pricing.  If S&B Foods cannot provide the variety and quality of services required at reasonable and competitive prices, food service customers may select another vendor.  

Vending Machines

Vending machines on campus are supplied by First Class Vending as a subcontractor to S&B Foods.  Customers requesting a refund for lost money in the machines can seek a refund through the cafeteria.  Please report broken machines to the Fiscal Services Office.

Pepsi Allocations

The college has a multi-year contract with Pepsi as the supplier of carbonated beverages, water, and other drink products at the college.  Saddleback College’s contract with Pepsi provides for an annual product donation of a number cases of carbonated beverages and water.  An email is sent out in fall of each year, notifying program managers and administrators of the availability of donated products for distribution at the college; those interested are urged to respond to the email to request a donation. In addition to donated product, Pepsi provides a small allowance to the college for Pepsi “gear”; this allowance is typically provided to ASG for the purchase of Pepsi gear such as bean bag toss and other games, speakers, earbuds, outdoor furniture, and other items.  

Pepsi Purchases

Areas wishing to obtain a large number of cases of Pepsi products should contact the Fiscal Services office for information on how to order directly from the Pepsi distribution center (not through another vendor such as Costco).  Purchasing through the distribution center will ensure a high level of customer service (e.g. delivery to any location on campus) and will ensure the college receives appropriate “credit” towards the college’s target number of cases of product.

Pepsi Refunds and Repairs

Customers requesting a refund for lost money in the machines can seek a refund through the Student Payment Office located on the second floor of the SSC building, room 208.  Please report broken machines to the Fiscal Services Office so repair can be requested.      

Satellite Coffee Cart Services “The Drip Coffee”

Satellite Coffee Cart provides coffee and food services at three locations at Saddleback College; BGS Building, Library/LRC and the Village Café.  Students with a current ASG card receive a 10% discount.  

Payphone Stations Innovations (PSI)

Payphone Stations Innovations, currently provides service to 5 payphones located on the Saddleback College campus for emergency purposes. This service is being phased out and the payphones will soon be removed.  


Follett has been contracted to manage the Saddleback College Bookstore. Follett will supply textbooks (new, used and rental), saddleback college apparel, school supplies and technology items for all students, staff, and faculty.  Items purchased by the District and the College are eligible for a 20% discount from retail, except textbooks, computer hardware, and software.  Faculty and staff receive a discount of 10% on any item not on sale, excluding textbooks, computer hardware, and software. Saddleback College ASG cardholders receive a 10% discount excluding textbooks, computer hardware, and software.    

Schools First

Schools First Federal Credit Union has an automated teller machine (ATM) at Saddleback College, located on the first floor of the SSC building.