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Other Services Provided

Electronic Medical Records

  • Support and Maintain System

PoE Access-Control System 

  • Maintain all the Servers and AD Integration
  • Support all Door POE Access-Control System
  • Support Integration into Camera System

Network Infrastructure and Data Cabling

Saddleback Technology Services provides these services for our campus network following current EIA/TIA standards:

  • Coordinates new network cable installs using Cat 6 cable for computers and Wi-Fi
  • Terminate, test and identify cables to ensure they meet standards
  • Moves adds or changes of network infrastructure equipment
  • Monitor and maintain UPS backup equipment to ensure campus services are available during a power outage

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Nutanix Management
  • VDI Monitoring
  • View Infrastructure Monitoring
  • View Security
  • Application Virtualization
  • Desktop Images and Pool Management