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  • Adds, Moves, and Changes

Saddleback Technology Services installs phones and fax lines for new college employees, student workers and classrooms, relocates existing phones, and manages name changes and phone line and speed dial changes.

  • Phone Queues & Call Handlers/Phone Trees

Saddleback IT manages phone queues by maintaining closure and office scheduling, agent access and reporting permissions, and web interface updates. 

Call Handler schedules and access are also maintained by the department for offices that don't need advanced queuing and scripting ability

  • Voicemail

The Saddleback IT department maintains voicemail accounts and email forwarding (Unified Messaging) for employees and special use voice mailboxes, resets access PINS and assists with the changing of greetings and recorded names.

  • Analog Emergency and Fax Lines

Technology Services manages the installation and maintenance of emergency call boxes, phones, elevator and lines over the legacy copper wiring. These lines maintain the ability to place calls even when the District phone system loses power making them essential for emergency communication.  Saddleback IT also installs, relocates and maintains copper lines for fax services.