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Refund Information

  1. To obtain a refund of enrollment, health and material fees, a student must officially drop class(es) within the deadlines below, and subject to the criteria below.  The student must also complete a refund request (a refund is NOT automatically generated when a student drops a class; it must be requested, even if payment was made by credit card).

    To find refund deadline dates: Refer to the “Details” link for the class in the on-line Schedule of Classes.
  2. Students also qualify for a refund of fees paid if the class is cancelled by the college, or if fees were collected in error (non-resident fees, for example). 
  3. Parking fee refunds:  To qualify for a parking fee refund, all on-campus classes must have been dropped (or cancelled by the College) within the refund deadline dates.  The parking permit must be turned in to the College Student Payment Office or Campus Police.
  4. Refunds are not granted for classes added after the classes’ refund deadline date.
  5. Associated Student Body (ASB) fees, and non-resident application fees, are NOT refundable.
  6. Students who paid their fees by cash, check or money order will receive a refund check by mail. Refund must be processed by credit card if payment was made by credit card.

Refund Process:

  • Refund forms can be printed from the College website: Click on the refund form link on the left of this page. Refund forms are also available in the Student Payment Office.
  • Refund processing timeframes:  Up to 2 weeks to process a refund by credit card, and up to 30 days for a refund by check.

Refund Policy

  • There are no refunds of class fees for a class added or dropped after the refund deadline date of that class. 
  • Per California education code regulations, students must officially drop classes within each classes’ refund deadline date in order to be eligible for a refund of those classes’ fees.
  • After the refund deadline date, student who drop a class, or students dropped from a class by the instructor, or student dropped from a class due to nonpayment, are NOT entitled to a refund of class fees.
  • Material fees are not refundable on or after the first day of class, unless the college division office approves a refund in writing to the college Student Payment Office.
  • The only exception to this policy is when the college cancels the class.  In this instance, the fees charged for the cancelled class will be refunded.
  • Refund deadline dates are different for different classes. The refund deadline date for each class can be found in the details section of each class within the online class schedule on the college website.

Administrative Regulations 5608 and Board Policy 5608 Tuition Refunds