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Receipt of Funds

The procedures for collecting cash, checks and credit card payments have changed since the implementation of Workday on July 1, 2015.  For guidance  on Workday cash receipts procedures, please see the Record Cash Sales/Deposits Activity Guide.

Procedures for Receiving Funds

Whenever possible, all payments should be processed through the College Fiscal Office or the District Business Office.  In the event that the monies being collected cannot be received through either of these offices, the following procedures should be followed:

1. Obtain a receipt book from the District Business Services Office.

2. When cash is received, count the cash twice to verify the amount received.

3. Complete a receipt for each payment (unless the payment is a check received via U.S. mail or other common carrier.  In this case, see section “Depositing Cash and Checks.”) Ensure the following information is included:

  1. Date:  Date funds were received.
  2. Received From: Name of the person, company, department or division funds were received from.
  3. Amount:  Dollar amount received.  Next to the amount, write down the payor’s name and check number, if applicable.
  4. Purpose: Describe what the funds were received for (e.g. July 2013 Advertising Revenue) and the account number where the funds should be deposited.
  5. Department/Division:  The department and division in which you work.
  6. Signature:  Signature of the person accepting the funds on behalf of the district/college.

4. Disburse the copies of the receipt as follows:

  1. Original (white) is given to the person, company, or division/department from which the funds were received.
  2. Second and third copies (yellow and pink) are attached to the cash or check and sent to District Business Services in a locked cash bag for deposit within five business days.  If you are also preparing a deposit advice form, please see the section “Depositing Cash and Checks.” Campus Police should be used to deliver cash and checks from the College location to District Business Services.
  3. Fourth copy (goldenrod) is kept by the Division/Department that prepared the receipt.
  4. Hard copy is to remain in the receipt book.

5. If a mistake is made preparing the receipt, mark all copies void. Send the voided yellow and pink copies to District Business Services and staple the voided original and goldenrod copies to the hard copy in the receipt book.

6. When all the receipts in the book have been issued, return the book to District Business Services. All receipt books issued to you, whether used or not, must be returned to District Business Services by the end of each fiscal year.

Procedures for Maintaining a Log

If money is being collected from a group of people at one time, it may be more efficient to use a log to account for the income than to write individual receipts. Use the following procedures when utilizing a log sheet:

1. Obtain a money collection log sheet and a receipt book from District Business Services.

2. Complete all the information requested at the top of the log sheet. Print and sign your name in the ‘processed by’ section.

3. Enter the date received, the name of the person who is making the payment, and the amount paid. Check the amount received before entering it onto the log sheet.

4. Total the log sheet(s) and complete one receipt for all income collected.

5. Send the money collected, the log sheet(s), deposit advice and the receipt to District Business Services for processing.

6. In general, if a receipt is issued for an individual, do not include those funds on the log sheet.

Depositing Cash and Checks

All cash and checks should be delivered to District Business Services no later than five business days from receipt of funds. Cash and checks must not be left in offices, desk drawers, filing cabinets, or any other unsecured area overnight.  If necessary, the College Fiscal Office has a safe and can hold cash and checks overnight, but the funds must be delivered in a locked cash bag.

To deposit money with District Business Services, use the following procedures:

1. Obtain ‘Deposit Advice’ forms from District Business Services.

2. Complete the ‘Deposit Advice’ form as follows:

a. Department Name: Enter the applicable department/division.

b. Processed By:  Enter name of person preparing the deposit.

c. Date:  Enter current date.

d. First “Check One” block:  Check “Saddleback” block.

e. Second “Check One” block: Check the fund into which the money is to be deposited.

f. Receipt Numbers Block:  Enter the beginning and ending receipt numbers accompanying the deposit.  Note: For checks received via U.S. mail or other common carrier, a receipt is not necessary.  In this case, write “check copy attached” above the receipt number block and attach a copy of the check(s).

g. Account Number(s):  Enter the account number(s) into which the funds are to be deposited.

h. Description:  Enter a description of the deposit and list the payor’s name and check number.

i. Amount:  Enter the total amount to be deposited in each account.

3. Disburse copies of ‘Deposit Advice’ forms as follows:

a. The original (white) and second (yellow) copies are sent to District Business Services, along with the funds collected and applicable receipt and/or check copies.

b. The third (pink) copy is kept by the originator until acknowledgement (the yellow copy of deposit advice) is returned by District to the originator.

c. All copies of any voided ‘Deposit Advice’ forms are to be marked as such, and returned to District Business Service.