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Ergonomics Material and Equipment

The SOCCCD Risk Management Office manages the ergonomics program.  However, the College Administrative Services (CAS) Office handles requests for ergonomic chairs. Please refer to the CAS Homepage for the Ergonomic Chair and Equipment Request Procedures, the Ergonomic Chair Request Form and Ergonomics Guide for Administrators and Managers.  The discussion below covers ordering of other ergonomic materials. Questions regarding other aspects of this program should be directed to the District Risk Management Office.

Ordering Ergonomics Material

 Below are the steps in ordering ergonomics material/equipment:

  1. The staff member will fill out an 'Ergonomics Assistance Request' form and turn it in to his/her Administrator/Manager.
  2. Once the request has been approved by the employee’s Administrator/Manager, the request should be sent to Risk Management for review and approval.
  3. Once the request is reviewed and approved by the Administrator/Manager and Risk Management and it is determined that material needs to be ordered, the division or department will initiate a requisition using the following guidelines:

            For ergonomic materials not available through Office Max:

             Initiate a requisition in Workday. Contact the College Fiscal Office and request an account number/worktag to use for the order. Do not use funds from staff member's division budget.  Be prepared to supply the Fiscal Office with a copy of the approved Ergonomics request.

              Enter the worktags  provided and submit the requisition for approval.

           For ergonomics material/equipment available through Office Max:

             The Divisions do not have access to the Office Max account used for ergonomic material and equipment.  Contact the College Fiscal Office with the item specifications.