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Guest Speakers and Refreshments at College Functions

Guest Speakers

Prior to invitation, a Speaker Form must be completed and submitted to the College President for approval at least five days prior to event. The Form is available at the Division Office Forms   page of the College website. The Board of Trustees will be notified of the speakers who were invited to the college since the last board meeting.

Reimbursements of travel expenses and payments of honorarium need board approval prior to payment. The college representative who invited the speaker is not authorized to bind the Board of Trustees.  A contract is required before any payments can be made. The college representative is responsible to make sure that the speaker fills out  and submits a W-9 form to District Accounting prior to payment. The W-9 Form is available at the Accounting Forms/Policy & Procedures page of the SOCCCD Business Services SharePoint.

Once the W-9 and contract with speaker are in place, a supplier contract may be created in Workday. A supplier contract needs to be completed prior to event to ensure timely approval and payment.

Board Policy No. 6140  covers regulations on college speakers.

Refreshments at College Functions 

Refreshments and meals may be served and paid for by District funds at authorized college activities.


    1. Prior approval by appropriate administrator is required before completing purchase of meals and refreshments.
    2. Expenditures must be prudent, reasonable and should meet all legal and District requirements for expenditure of District funds.
    3. Events must be open to the public or meetings are with outside representatives.
    4. Allowable events include activities that involve Board, district-wide or college-wide meetings with college and/or district services staff,  but excludes regular division, departmental or committee meetings.
    5. Refreshments and meals may be served on other meetings like workshops, trainings and retreats if such activities are greater than four hours, or if it interferes with normal meal and break periods and is of a length of three hours or more.
    6. Requisitions for these expenses must use spend code 5271 and include a description of the event, date, time, location, and attendees. If exceptional circumstances arise, the request for an exception should be made to the Executive Director of Fiscal Services for approval in advance.

Board Policy No. 3520 covers regulations on refreshments and meals at District functions.