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Expenditure Transfers and Journal Entries

Expenditure Transfers

Expenditures can be revised or corrected by processing an accounting journal in Workday. Cost centers may initiate an expense transfer but only employees with  journal preparer roles in Workday can create and submit journal entries. Cost centers may send request to the College Fiscal Office to assign journal preparer roles to department staff. Fiscal Office will then recommend the role assignment to District Fiscal Services. Upon request, individual training  will be provided to journal preparers.

A Journal Processing Guide is available at the Workday Project Implementation Training Page of the SOCCCD Business Services Sharepoint. 

Approval of Expense Transfers

Approval process for journal entries are driven by the worktags associated with the entries. Cost center managers are responsible for the review and approval of transfers. If expense transfers relate to  grants, approval by grant reviewers and grant officials are required. Final approval is done by District Fiscal Services. 

Journal entries do not require Board approval regardless of amount.

Expense Transfers between Cost Centers, Divisions and Funds

Expense transfers can be done between accounts within divisions. Transfers relating to grants and categorical funding sources like Calworks, EOPS, DSPS, federal work study and the like are subject to grants and funding regulations.

Expense transfers can be done between restricted and unrestricted general fund. Transfers can be done to correct or reimburse charges between Community Education Fund, Child Development Fund, Capital Outlay Fund,  Associated Student Government Fund and other funds.

Expense Transfers between Saddleback College, IVC, ATEP and District Services

Expense transfers can take place between Saddleback College, IVC, ATEP or District Services accounts.

If there is prior arrangement that expenses will be shared by different cost centers, Purchasing Office prefers that initiators contact the office before creating purchase requisition to confirm if multiple accounts are acceptable. There would be instances that District Office will prefer to do expenditure transfers rather than charging multiple accounts in a purchase order.

Expense transfers between Saddleback College and the College Foundation

While the College Foundation is a separate entity, accounting journals may be submitted to correct or reimburse expenses between the College and the Foundation.

 Expense Transfers for Salaries

When completing expense transfers for salaries, the corresponding benefit costs must be transferred as well, unless the transfer is due to a simple correction in the salary spend account or object code.

Salaries and benefits transfers can be done in full cost (100%) or as a percentage of cost (e.g., 35% of salaries). The Employee Cost Worksheet may be used to facilitate calculation of amounts for transfer. Benefit costs typically change every year. The current Employee Cost Worksheet can be found in the SOCCCD SharePoint site under Business Services > Accounting > Accounting Forms>Employee Cost Worksheet.

Journal Entries

Journal entries can be submitted to record transactions other than expenditure transfers. For example, corrections on the accounting of revenues, fees, receivables and other accounts can be processed by journal entries. It is best to contact the College Fiscal Office or District Accounting for this purpose.